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Wild water swimming is growing in popularity but, as with most other outdoor sports, there are associated risks!  

Make your own judgements as to what is safe and what isn’t!  Know your own ability and use your experience to minimise the risks.  If you are just starting out then please seek guidance from those with knowledge - you can also follow the links below for further information.

Whilst there are no set rules, a degree of caution is always required. Conditions can and do change rapidly and it is always wise to pre-check the weather forecast and to be aware of the possibility of flash floods!  

Before swimming, it’s advisable to check whether permission is required or not!

The Outdoor Swimming Society provides a great deal of information about wild water swimming, answering some of the more common questions that are asked like,

Will I get too cold?

Is it legal?

Is it clean?

Is it safe?

Am I safe?

Their site also provides useful information on locations in the Yorkshire Dales where swimming might be available -

Books, Guides and other information can also be obtained from

This Yorkshire Dales weather forecast is generated by the Met Office Weather Widget

The all important Weather for the Yorkshire Dales

Please Note: DalesActive does not check or endorse the accuracy of the information provided on these 3rd party sites and they should be used as information links only where your own judgement should be exercised!

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Wild Water Swimming in the Yorkshire Dales!